Life at UAlberta


When you come to UAlberta, you'll have the chance to experience the best of all four seasons. 

Many people think that life in Canada is all about winter, snow, and cold weather, but that's just a myth! 

In reality, winter is only about four months of the year, followed by a fresh spring, a hot summer, and a crisp fall season.

Fall: September to mid-November

Campus comes alive with students at the beginning of term! The leaves on the trees turn rich shades of red, orange, and gold. Mornings are cool and crisp with warm, sunny afternoons. 

Fall season

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Winter: mid-November to March

Winter doesn’t slow things down! Life and classes go on as usual, only now you can enjoy all of the best winter activities. There's still plenty of blue sky and sunshine. After it snows, the roadways get cleared and people still drive their cars, go out for walks, take the bus... some even go out on their bicycles!

Go skiing, snowboarding, and skating in and around Edmonton... or why not try tobogganing and snowshoeing?


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Spring: March to June

Put the warm coats into storage for next year! Before you know it, there are buds on the trees and the grass is green again. As the University year winds down, café patios open up and students love to fit in some study time in the sun.

Spring season

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Summer: June to September

On a hot summer day in Edmonton, snow will be the furthest thing from your mind! With the sun shining up to 17 hours a day and temperatures going up to +30°C, you can take full advantage of the beautiful outdoors.


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