Life at UAlberta

Inspiring Accomplishments

A university education will help you broaden your horizons, and UAlberta is the perfect place to be inspired. UAlberta opened in 1908 under the leadership of President Henry Marshall Tory, who promised that the University would be for the "uplifting of the whole people." This pledge holds true today.

UAlberta students live to inspire, uncovering new ideas and thought through their studies and using their education to make a difference in the world.

Here are just some of the inspiring people, accomplishments, and discoveries to come from UAlberta.

  • canada flagThe Canadian Maple Leaf flag, designed by Arts grad George Stanley
  • Art Direction for the film Avatar! Alumnus Todd Cherniawsky was a Supervising Art Director on the Oscar-winning Art Direction team.
  • Justice in Canada’s Supreme Court. Chief Justice of Canada Beverley McLachlin is an alumna and the first woman to hold this role.
  • Canadian leadership—alumnus Joe Clark is a former Prime Minister of Canada.
  • play around the worldPlay Around the World, an annual three-month placement in Thailand, where U of A students provide opportunities for play and recreation to populations in need, such as people with disabilities, young offenders, and orphans.
  • The Oral Calculator, invented by student Ephrem Tekele to help those in the world with no fingers and arms, or paralyzed fingers and arms. The idea came to Ephrem because his neighbour in Ethiopia had no hands and such an invention would help him run his business.
  • 2010 and 2006 Olympic gold medals in women’s hockey under the leadership of coach Mel Davidson, a U of A alumna
  • kenya ceramic project teamThe Kenya Water Ceramic Project, founded by student Abdullah Saleh, which is bringing innovative ceramic water filters and high efficiency wood-burning stoves to rural areas of Kenya.
  • Helping to protect firefighters in the line of duty—protective clothing expert Guowen Song of the Department of Human Ecology is researching how certain clothing materials store heat, helping to create safer clothing for firefighters.
  • The SHINE Youth Clinic, a health clinic that provides free services to Edmonton’s underserved youth. Located in downtown Edmonton, SHINE is run and managed entirely by UAlberta health sciences students in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Counselling Psychology, Physiotherapy, Social Work, and Nutrition.